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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”


Project iSight

An all-in-one dashboard for OEMs in the automotive sector. It is customisable to view the local market or the SEA region.

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Video streaming icons

Icons set designed for be used for a live video streaming service!

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Caterspot Admin Application

An app to allow vendors to manage upcoming caterspot orders, order notifications and or cancellation notice.

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IFTTT Card Gallery

This is a design concept to showcase a minimalist approach to the applet gallery in IFTTT platform.


Calendar Cards 2017

This is a concept calendar cards for the year of 2017. Each card has a black and white visuals of nature.

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iFlix Dashboard

The result of my participation in JomHack hackathon based in KL Malaysia. We were required to brainstorm a feature idea for the iFlix platform and build it in 24hrs.

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Grypp - Transportation App

Transportation app concept called Grypp that I worked on last December. The ultimate goal is to focus on the simplicity of the interface design and let technology do the rest of the magic.

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Docnotes is a project I have worked on during the Angelhack KL '16 Hackathon.

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Fetchlah Project

The idea of this product is a one-stop for all pet lovers where they can find anything and everything right on the spot. The mobile app will rely heavily on a location service to locate and display the nearest vets, pet services, cafes and or other activities.

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The redesign of Carlist

The bottom part of the redesign project I've worked on for the Carlist platform.

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Engine - Design System

I've been working closely with the engineering team to define and implement all our UI pattern library across the different markets that icarasia happen to be in.

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Morning Widget

Minimalist morning widget I've created a while back. The whole idea is to describe and show important information the moment you wake up in the morning.

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Ringtonic Branding

An ambitious project to give users the ability to download their favourite ringtones online directly to his/her device. Unfortunately, the project did not kick off due to limited resources.

Online Stores Icons

Some of the major mobile platforms and the "download it form" badge.

RejuveGroup - Desktop UI

Simple and minimalistic approach to viewing the limited edition products of dermal fillers.

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RejuveGroup logo

Branding strategy and logo design to attract customers' attention to building a trustworthy trademark in the beauty and health industry.

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Trustedcompany | B2B Dashboard

The dashboard is customisable to three types of users. Each user has certain services activated, unless they upgrade to the full package. Users will constantly be reminded to upgrade by showing a mini button next to each menu option.

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Trustedcompany | B2C

A review platform built for online shoppers to review their online shopping experiences.

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Android Lock Screen

Simple and clean android lock screen concept, I was working in the past.

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