iSight Dashboard

The iSight dashboard is fully visualisation tool for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) by showcases all data that was generated via the consumer marketplaces in the SEA region. The complicated and yet simple look at the fully customised charts gives more in-depth insights for both sellers and reseller on the live market pricing, live comparisons, market insights and leads performance.

Live Market Pricing

The live market pricing tab provide extensive amount of data on how the market is performing filtered via a date range. OEMs can visualise any car make they wish, according to their plan, while they can request to compare up to 5 makes at a time to see data in real time.

Live Comparison

The live comparison tab is a dedicated place to compare own make with a competitor make of your choice. The filtration system is complex and extend the list not just from an overall make but to a specific vehicle model and selected location exclusively for the asian region. The comparison options are limited to search volume which displays consumers interest value, in addition to page views and claimable leads.

Market Insights

The market insights tab is broken down into a limited categories based on the generic search volume of either price range or vehicle body type. In addition, The data can be filtered according to a time frame and specific location in the region.

Leads Performance

The leads performance tab is the most demanded feature by OEMs which is an absolute necessity to ship the project as a complete system. OEMs have the ability to manage leads by observing the performance of dealers and comparing the total number of leads versus leads that are successfully converted. Total leads based on a time frame however, provide a whole new insights that help to shape the brand strategically and gain a competitive advantage in the auto industry.