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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Ghis has been performing very well in his duties. I have worked closely with him on some company level projects and have seen how he helps to drive business value through his professionalism and talents. I found that he has been consistently exceeding expectations in his interpersonal skills, problem-solving activities, work ethics and has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition.

Tomas Li | General Manager at Titansoft Pte Ltd

When I decided to hire Ghis I saw a very talented driven creative individual that wanted to make a massive difference in my organisation. I was not wrong about this, Ghis not only proven himself as one of the most technically gifted members of our team, but he also showed that tremendous humility and desire to grow professionally and as a Human Being.

Pedro Sttau | Chief Information Officer at iCar Asia Limited

Ghis is an excellent designer and has shown exceptional drive and passion throughout his time served. Being the first employee of TrustedCompany, he has rapidly transformed into a vital leader within the product team and leaves a strong footprint in the company culture. I can recommend him without any reservation.

Philip Knuth | Former Managing Director at Asia Venture Group

Ghis and I were the first few pioneers of the product that we are working on together and he has shown to me that he is able to handle difficult situations while persistently staying positive, above, and beyond, maintaining integrity in the work that he delivers. He wouldn't compromise the quality of designs that he does and takes the nitty gritty details very seriously, a perfectionalist I would say. I know I can count on him when it comes to work and even as a friend!

Kah Thong Leow | Co-Founder at Keyword Tool

We worked with Ghis on number of project at Mindvalley. Every job that he performed was executed in timely and extremely professional manner. I particularly liked that Ghis used to take into account the overall business goals and look at the big picture while doing his work. I was delighted that he persistently strived to improve user experience while using cutting edge web development technologies. From my perspective, Ghis is was always willing to think outside the box, takes ownership of the project and is flourishing with creative ideas. I would strongly recommend Ghis as the professional of the highest level.

Artem Galimov | Former Product Owner at Mindvalley Labs

Ghis is a great communicator and strives to deliver the very best he is capable of to his clients/stakeholders. He is a diligent worker and takes great pride in getting things done.

Gareth Davies | Digital Expert at McKinsey & Company

Ghis, to me, is the benchmark that every designer should aspire to be. He's skillful, confident in his abilities, and perhaps his most admirable quality - he's always willing to learn. If I had a problem I trusted him, if I had a question I went to him. A perfect example of an all-rounder and a great asset to any team.

Johnny Mayo | Asia GM at SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator